Update: Musings from Suburbia


I have not been posting because I have had two major life transitions.

1) Cats & I moved out of the city and into the suburbs.
2) My family dog passed away after fighting a hard battle with cancer.
3) A guy I like a lot (he has actually done a Bikram class with me) is back after three months abroad and now I need to figure out what to do with my feelings for him.
Although I miss my pooch and my old home studio very much, I have to admit that I am happy that I live in the suburbs.

Since my package expired at the old home studio, I joined a Bikram studio that is about a five minute drive away from home. Going to class has been a lot easier. Plus, having access to an in unit washer and dryer has helped me lighten up my sweaty Bikram clothing load. All I do is throw my Breathe mat and sweaty bikram clothes into the washer and dryer after class, and I am good to go.

When I told my friends that I was going to be moving out of the city, several of them were shocked. They wondered how this drastic change of lifestyle was going to affect me, now that I was leaving the heart of urban nightlife. (Ironically, I rarely frequented those places) But to be honest, I kind of wondered what was going to become of me when I left the city.

Other than my zipcode, the only thing about me that has changed has been my attitude. I have been in a better mood since I moved in with my brother and I have been very thankful to be close to my parents (15 minutes away).

When I lived in the city, I always wondered if I would be able to function in a suburban or rural environment. The funny thing was, I was always unhappy and in a hurry. Time was always of the essence and I was perpetually irritated by the hustle and bustle of people. I think that once I put my pride at the door and went on vacation with a friend to a small town about two hours from the city, I realized that I needed to make some changes, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen.

Fast forward to today, and I would have to say that moving out of the lap of luxury and into my brother’s place with my two cats has been the best decision I ever made. The cats are happier and fight less. I feel as if I can take my time when I make my way to class because I don’t have to think about how long the walk/bus ride is going to be. I get to hear birds and crickets chirping at night and I see families and dogs. On top of that all, I had the privilege of spending the night at my parents’ house when the family dog passed away peacefully.

Sometimes I wonder if that will adversely affect my dating prospects with a person I really like, who still lives in the city. What if he thinks that my town is “too far” (it really isn’t)? However, it will work itself out. I have liked this person for awhile and now that he has returned from abroad, I can’t just avoid my feelings like I did in the past. We’ll see what happens….


About halfmoonchronicles

Hi, I am a neophyte to the Bikram yoga community. I have been practicing since early October. I would like to share my love of Bikram yoga and wellness with the rest of you through my blog. I live in a major city in the Midwest and I practice in a wonderful studio owned and staffed by some of the dynamic instructors who teach Bikram 100% the right way 100% of the time.

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