Can you believe it? Pain kills pain!


“Pain Kills Pain” – I finally believe it!

Today, I didn’t feel very well. Actually, I haven’t been feeling very well for the last week. However, I felt better after I concentrated on asanas that focused on compressing the lower back and abdominals. Now I feel like a new woman!

When I was told that I was like my own “physical therapist” or “chiropractor” by the teachers when I first started practicing, I thought (while my hands were sandwiched between the towel and my body during locust pose),”I am just learning more ways about how to inflict pain on myself.”

“Pain kills pain” is a quote I often hear from my Bikram teachers. For awhile, I thought it was just bunk-o. However, I noticed that the pain I have had in my lower back and abdomen have gone away after class. My moods have also been better as a result of detoxifying from class.

My next fitness endeavor:

In addition to Bikram and rock climbing, I am going to start Crossfit. I am probably just going to make it 1-2 a week, since Bikram is priority for me. However, I am not too thrilled about the paleo diet, which entails eating very little sugar (boo), lots of vegetables (semi-yay), good proteins (semi-yay) and good fats. Well, you gotta start somewhere.

I am pretty happy with the way I look. My body is not tight, but to me it is just right. However, I do not want to be miserable during Crossfit by NOT following the paleo diet lifestyle at least during the weekdays for at least the majority of my meals and snacks. For example, I would hate to have eaten a chocolate bar a day, four days in a row, only to find out that I am wheezing throughout the burpees BECAUSE of the fact that I refused to follow the paleo diet.

Don’t get me wrong, I like healthy food, but I don’t like the planning that it involves to invest in a clean diet. That is why I stopped bodybuilding after a whopping three months. The dieting just drove me nuts although I was able to exercise until the cows came home!

Well, on that note, wish me luck. I could also use some cyber and local friends who are also embarking on a clean eating/paleo kind of diet so I won’t be lonely.


About halfmoonchronicles

Hi, I am a neophyte to the Bikram yoga community. I have been practicing since early October. I would like to share my love of Bikram yoga and wellness with the rest of you through my blog. I live in a major city in the Midwest and I practice in a wonderful studio owned and staffed by some of the dynamic instructors who teach Bikram 100% the right way 100% of the time.

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