Eating Before Class


For the past couple of days, I have disobeyed the “don’t eat two to three hours before class” rule.  Surprisingly, I haven’t felt bad at all during class.  In fact, I have felt like I have more energy.  However, it was a little bit hard not to belch a little during the final blowing in firm breathing exercise. 

I usually will eat light if I do choose to eat less than two hours before class.  However, I wouldn’t suggest that a true beginner who has never taken a class before eat a whopper one hour before class.  I think that I have just learned what my body needs and craves and have been able to work with that before and after class. 

Class was not bad today.  I really felt good throughout the entire ninety minutes.  Perhaps it is best for me to go to class in the afternoon instead of the morning because I have some food in my stomach, I am well hydrated, and I am not in such a hurry to come and go.  So, I will keep that in mind when I am deciding which classes to attend during the weekend.


About halfmoonchronicles

Hi, I am a neophyte to the Bikram yoga community. I have been practicing since early October. I would like to share my love of Bikram yoga and wellness with the rest of you through my blog. I live in a major city in the Midwest and I practice in a wonderful studio owned and staffed by some of the dynamic instructors who teach Bikram 100% the right way 100% of the time.

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