The Discipline of Simplicity and Today’s Class


Simple living is not synonymous to easy living.   I have learned the hard way that committing to living simply can be a very difficult discipline to practice.

Yesterday, I had some time to spare because I have had the entire week off from work.  The major battle for me is choosing between net surfing/Travel Channel viewing, unnecessary shopping in my neighborhood and completing the cleaning project I set out to complete.  Thankfully, I chose to forgo my trip to the Korean grocery store (hence, avoiding rush hour traffic and the hectic nature of shopping in an Asian grocery store during rush hour) and spent plenty of time cleaning the area around my desk and nightstands.  I have three nightstands.  One standard nightstand handed down from my parents and a makeshift nightstand that used to be a TV cart, which was also handed down from my parents and finally, a three drawer plastic makeshift nightstand with wheels – again – handed down from my parents.  I found my metro transit card (glory!) in my Hello Kitty wallet which had fallen between the nightstands several months ago.  I also found three dividers, three partially used legal pads, three three ring binders and two accordion files.

Finding things I forgot I had fortified my will to continue on with focusing on taking better care of my space over buying more things for my space.

“Today’s Class”

So if you are an avid Bikram yoga practitioner reading this, you probably want to hear about how class went today.  Because I found my public transit card, I took the bus to class and felt less rushed to get settled in.  I think that it also helped that I had time to enjoy a coconut water before getting started with class.

I knew that class was going to go well for me after the first set of awkward pose.  I actually felt good, not fatigued, after that first set.  I think that I am beginning to feel good during the majority of class because I am now used to the heat and have more of the strength, breathing and flexibility to complete and hold the postures.

However, I had a slight scare during Triangle Pose.  As we were wrapping up the first set, I thought I was settling deeper into the posture but my feet slipped and I had to run backwards in order not to fall onto my bottom.  I think that the falling backwards was kind of a good sign because it shows that I really was trying to sit down at 100% capacity.  But the issue that came up for me was the fact that I probably didn’t sit down all the way or subconsciously my hips came up – I am not quite sure.  When I am in the moment of practicing Bikram, I don’t really think too deeply about making adjustments because my body is already stretching itself to its limit.

For the first time in about a month, I am finally wearing something that looks nicer than my typical “post Bikram loungewear” without a major reason or anywhere important to go.  I feel a little bit more energized because I think that dressing up a little can put some pep in someone’s step.

I need to make sure I go to WalMart and the Asian grocery store today, so I shall go.

Happy TGIF!




About halfmoonchronicles

Hi, I am a neophyte to the Bikram yoga community. I have been practicing since early October. I would like to share my love of Bikram yoga and wellness with the rest of you through my blog. I live in a major city in the Midwest and I practice in a wonderful studio owned and staffed by some of the dynamic instructors who teach Bikram 100% the right way 100% of the time.

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